1. The past doesn't exist. It's gone.
2. The future doesn't exist and doesn't matter, yet.
3. Your only property is right now, everything else is not worth owning.
4. Your only purpose is to exist.
5. You have already fulfilled your purpose, everything else is a gift and a game. Enjoy it.
6. Stop searching, your experience is your purpose. Replace your desire with preference.
7. What they taught you doesn't matter, it's either wrong or worthless.
8. Regardless of where you are and who surrounds you, these are the only truths.
9. To become one of us, spread Ernest Olkowski's teachings. If it gets to us, we will invite you.
10. Think long term, this is for life.
11. You can only join once, you can only leave once.
12. Ernest Olkowski was right.